Rolling Stats

Standard rolling method. Roll 4d6 and throw away the lowest number.


The core races for Above Athens are Centaur, Gorgon, Human, and Minotaur.

As NPCs or encounters you may face Giants, unicorns, fey, cyclopses, furies, harpies, elementals, and mythological creatures. Since this game also incorporates steam-punk themes, expect constructs.

Bonus Languages

Languages is a potent barrier in the world of Above Athens. Each race knows only a single language by default. There is no “common” language that is spoken everywhere. Characters with above 13 intelligence gain a single bonus languages. Characters with more than 16 intelligence gain two.

Racial Languages
Anthropine (Humans)
Centauric (Centaur)
Gorgon (Gorgons)
Taurine (Minotaur)

Other Languages
Aquan (Sea Nymphs)
Aklo (Pre-Olympian creatures)
Cyclops (Cyclops)
Draconic (Dragons and Serpents)
Erinye (Furies and Harpies)
Giant (Giant)
Sylvan (Forest Nymphs)


Any Paizo class is okay, except the Unchained classes.


We will roll GP randomly. You may use that to purchase any equipment you like.


Pick two traits. They may come from any category or combination of categories. The Traits Filter on the wiki is the best place to look.

Choose a Deity

The world of Above Athens is polytheistic – there are many deities. It’s entirely cool to worship more than one (most NPCs probably will, anyway). However, every character should have a primary deity that they worship. Deities include both the Greek gods as well as Titans. However, be aware that in most cultures worshiping titans is heresy.

Witches, sorcerers, clerics, and other classes may get benefits based on their deity. A sorcerer (for example) might be descended from Poseiden, god of the sea, and receive water-based spells and abilities.

All characters may receive some benefits for roleplaying the worship of their deity. For example, a character who worships Hercules may be rewarded for upholding sportsmanship and self-sacrifice.

A lot of the deity-related stuff is still being written. If you are looking for an option or a deity that isn’t yet listed on the wiki, just let me know and I’ll put it together.


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